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Meeting of the Austrian Geodetic Commission
in the Federal Office of Metrology and
Surveying, Group Metrology


This year’s second meeting of the ÖGK was held at the BEV.
On that occasion Mag. Robert Edelmaier, head of the Department E2 of Metrology within the BEV, gave a short introduction to the tasks that metrology has to fulfil in Austria. He explained that a highly developed measuring technology is a basic prerequisite for progress in general and a high standard not only in areas such as trade, industry, science, the health system but also the protection of the environment. Consequently, an efficient national metrology system represents an indispensable part of a highly industrialised nation’s infrastructure.

In Austria, the Metrology Service of the BEV is at the top of the national metrology system and authorised to provide these fundamentals. The service maintains the national standards for the realisation of the legal units of measurement and ensures their international equivalence and recognition.

Within the scope of the Physico-Technical Testing Service (PTP) the legal units of measurement are disseminated through calibration by comparing measuring instruments with the national standards.
Dipl. Ing. Helmut Skorpil then informed the visitors about “Absolute Long Distance Measurement in the Air”, a European Metrology Research Project (EMRP) whose aim it is to develop a new device measuring the distance, which will be able to reach an accuracy of 10 -7over a distance of 1000 metres. However, it is not only accuracy that is being aimed at. The project also wants to put the traceability on the measurements.

The final guided tour of the newly built laboratory of the Metrology Service in Arltgasse, 1160 Vienna, presented the different labs for measuring length, temperature and electrical resistance.

What aroused the visitors’ special interest was the “Optical Frequency Comb-Generator”, which serves the representation of the metre. This instrument is one of five worldwide that are used to calibrate lasers.

New Laboratory, Federal office of Metrology and Surveying
New Laboratory, Federal office of Metrology and Surveying, Arltgasse 35, 1160 Wien
Mag. Robert Edelmaier
Address of welcome by the Head of the
Departement E2 Mag. Robert Edelmaier
Meeting of the ÖGK
Meeting of the ÖGK
on 7th of Novembre 2011
prototype metre
Simulation of the prototype metre
comparator bank
50m comparator bank
Frequency Comb Generator
Frequency Comb Generator
Triple point of water
Triple point of water

1, Kahmen / ÖGK
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