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Bylaws Karl Rinner Prize

Bylaws Karl Rinner Prize

Provisions for Awarding the Karl Rinner Prize

Karl Rinner

To promote outstanding international presentations and publications of young Austrian scientists the Austrian Geodetic Commission annually awards the Karl Rinner Prize. This prize is also intended to appreciate the services of Prof.Dr.mult. Karl Rinner, who had promoted Austrian Geodesy in many ways and led it to high international prestige.

§ 1

The Karl Rinner Prize is awarded annually by the Austrian Geodetic Commission, beginning in 2003.

§ 2

The laureates have to be Austrian citizens or have to have worked in Austria during that year for which they receive the prize. A university degree is the prerequisite.

§ 3

The candidates may not have completed their 37th year during that year for which they receive the prize.

§ 4

The assessment criterion is the extraordinary quality of a presentation at an international meeting or a publication in an international magazine in the field of geodesy. If there are several authors, he/she has to be the main author. The assessment period is always one calendar year.

§ 5

Each Member of the Austrian Geodetic Commission has the right to nominate a candidate for the Karl Rinner Prize.
Every nomination has to consist of :
a) a short curriculum vitae
b) hitherto existing publications and lectures
c) explanatory statement with a more detailed description of the presentation and meeting or the publication

§ 6

The Austrian Geodetic Commission chooses the laureate from amongst the suggested candidates. If non of the proposed candidates fulfils the necessary requirements, the prize can also be suspended.

§ 7

The Karl Rinner Prize consists of a certificate and a cheque for € 1.000,--.

§ 8

The Austrian Geodetic Commission acquires the money fort he prize by fundraising. The sponsor shall be mentioned on the certificate and on the website of the Austrian Geodetic Commission.

§ 9

The prize is awarded to the laureate by the President of the Austrian Geodetic Commission and the sponsor of the prize on the occasion of a meeting of the Austrian Geodetic Commission or a similar meeting. The laureate is invited to publicly present the topic, he/she receives the prize for.

§ 10

The laureate agrees to publish an article in the VGI dealing with the topic that won him the Karl Rinner Prize

§ 11

There shall be a report about the awarding of the prize in the VGI.


The bylaws are legally binding only in the German version.